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We have the battle scars to prove we've come up through the Business VoIP trenches. If you've had a bad experience with VoIP in the past, we feel your pain. And it is what drove us to find and develop real, consistent solutions to what can still be a nightmare for businesses who rely on their ability to communicate to earn their living. With more and more happening over data lines, it's never been more critical to have the right technology in place to protect and manage it all. Xact Communications delivers excellence in QoS, cyber-security, data pipe management, and system control. One vendor, one bill, one call.

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Just A Few Of Our Clients

  • After setting up Simple-wan™ at Arizona Charter Schools, they realized:

    25x Faster Application Delivery to the Remote Sites, True Redundancy for Disaster Recovery, Centralized Phone System,
    WAN Costs were reduced by 52%, Total Telecom Costs were REDUCED by 18%, The deployment of the new technology had a < 6 month ROI

    Arizona Charter Schools
  • Nephrology Specialty Group in Baltimore, Maryland had recently switched to Electronic Medical Records, and was opening a new office. A lot for an IT department to handle all at once.
    Using Simplewan™ technology, they were able to open the new clinic on time. The new mixture of high-speed, low cost broadband connections provided more bandwidth for the bursty applications that were clogging up the T1s. With the Simplewan GUI the IT Department was able to monitor the bandwidth usage of each site remotely along with identifying any potential problems across the network.
    The total cost of the newly designed WAN was less than half of the original network, and the total bandwidth available had increased tenfold...not bad for a little makeover.

    Nephrology Specialty Group

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