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Channel Partners Conference 2013 – Las Vegas: February 28-March 1


Change is in the air!

Xact Founder and President Dale Cooper has been attending telecommunication industry shows for 10 years and have seen constant change, which has become the “norm” in technology. In his opinion, the most significant of these changes over the last several years are the name changes.
Though names don’t seem to matter as much as they used to, what is behind the name should still be very important! Agents, do you have a great “partner”? Does their definition of “partner” and your definition match?

Change is inevitable! Are you leading and embracing change? Following the change? Are you just doing what you have always done? Rethink your game plan, partner with those you can trust, and partner with those who are “like-minded.” If you do not change, you will be left in the dust! You can’t buy a typewriter any longer because it changed to a word processor, then to a computer, then to laptop computer, and now a tablet. How many people do you think lost jobs or changed jobs during these changes? When most of us got into the “Agent” business, we got into it for a residual income, to build a base, and build our futures. How safe is that now, in a declining revenue industry, with contract termination clauses stating that “with 30 days written notice either party can change or terminate”, and with minimum quarterly or yearly sales requirements? Consider the impact of cuts in the percentage of paid commissions, and with mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, companies dropping the agent channel.

There needs to be change, but it should be a positive change for the agents! Agents are the most stable, dependable sales engines in our industry. Agents drive this industry and they should be well compensated for it! You SHOULD be rewarded and companies SHOULD be loyal to you for creating “their” customer base. Can the independent agent survive? Can you still create an income worthy of your experience and performance? I believe there are companies out there who still have these values, but not many. Dale Cooper created Xact Communications to be that type of company, for the agents, built by agents! Ask yourself a couple of simple questions: are you partnering with like-minded companies or are THEY shaping the way you think? Are you forming your destiny or is it forming you? If you have the answer that I think you will have, give me a call at 859-685-2195. Learn more about our Agent program at Xact. Let’s talk about YOUR FUTURE!!