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Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet

Fiber-optic internet, commonly referred to as fiber internet or simply fiber is an internet connection that can reach high speeds with low lag time. The technology uses fiber cable, which amazingly can send data almost as fast as the speed of light. Fiber sends data faster than basic coax cable. It is immune to many of the conditions that cable internet is susceptible to. Fiber is less likely to go offline because it’s a dedicated internet connection. Often, the internet provider will guarantee a 99.9% SLA (service level agreement) for uptime. This means the internet provider is guaranteeing the internet will be online 99.9% of the time. Not only is this useful because it means your internet should rarely go offline but they will generally provide a credit to you if they aren’t delivering their guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Fiber has a steady signal with less signal loss and 10 times more bandwidth, which can provide internet to multiple devices. Fiber internet isn’t shared with any other customer which means you don’t have to worry about speeds decreasing during peak times. Fiber internet speeds are also symmetrical which means the download speed is the same as the upload speed. This is very useful when transmitting a lot of data.

Fiber allows your business to have less latency. Latency is the time it takes for the internet signal to travel. This time, measured in milliseconds, helps determine the quality of the internet. Because of this, fiber offers superior data transfer speeds compared to other internet types. If your business also has VoIP phones, the low latency fiber provides can increase voice quality.

Fiber internet is becoming more popular and the price is decreasing. Businesses that are projecting future growth benefit from fiber. Fiber is very scalable, meaning that new equipment and internet speeds can easily be changed after the fiber connection is made. When fiber is being installed, extra fiber can be added for future additional connections.

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