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New Product Release: Line Replacement

Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper, CSO at Xact

Xact Communications located in Lexington, KY, announces a new product release: Line Replacement.

Xact President, Dale Cooper says, “This is a product that all SMB’s can use to reduce their monthly costs. Line Replacement is changing how companies communicate in a transistional stage of Telecommunications. Rather than just jump in head first on VoIP, they can transistion by using Line Replacement. Xact simply changes your copper (POTS) lines to SIP lines. You can keep your analog PBX or even standard analog handsets. We add a VoIP Gateway to do the conversion and your system will act and feel just as it does today. Big advantage is you get some of the VoIP benefits like, Caller ID, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, etc. Bottomline, it also will lower you monthly costs around 30-50%. What small business doesn’t like that?”

For more info, visit, call 1-888-747-9228 or email [email protected].