The Cloud Is Calling: Time To Migrate

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The Cloud Is Calling: Time To Migrate

The Cloud Is Calling: Time To Migrate

While on-premise phone systems may have made sense a few years ago, today’s remote work world demands a better solution. By migrating to a cloud phone system, companies can give their employees mobility and flexibility in their business communications. If your old phone system is giving your team headaches, it may be time to migrate to the Cloud. 

What Is A Cloud Phone System?

Typical phone systems are located in offices – that messy telephone closet. They function by using “phone lines” to connect calls — which can be either regular dial tone lines or internet lines. On the other hand, cloud phone systems are hosted in the Cloud and allow users to manage calls and the system using the Internet. This allows access from anywhere there’s an internet connection, from the office to the home to that vacation cabin.

How Does A Cloud-Based Phone System Work?

Cloud-based phone systems use  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP, or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Basically, this means that it allows calls to be made and received over the Internet. When you dial the phone number you want to call, the VoIP system will manage the routing and transmit your call using your internet connection. 

Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Office Phone System

Cloud telephony is here and now — no longer the future. If you still need some convincing, here are just some of the benefits of using a cloud-based office phone system: 

  • Call flexibility
  • Remote capabilities
  • Security 
  • Easy implementation and management 
  • Cost savings by integrating communication channels

How Do I Migrate From Premise To Cloud?

Migrating to a cloud phone system is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are five easy steps you can follow to make the change. 

  1. Analyze the landscape. First, you need to analyze your current phone systems and determine what you need from a cloud-based service. By evaluating your current needs, you’ll be able to move easily through step two. 
  2. Make a decision. There are two primary methods of migrating from on-premise to the Cloud. First, you can simply take your current phone system and do a surface-level migration. Alternatively, you can do a more in-depth migration in which you tweak aspects of your phone system to truly integrate with the advanced capabilities of the Cloud. 
  3. Know your budget. Switching from an on-premise to a cloud-based phone system isn’t free. Having a budget for the migration process will help you reign in your activities and find a migration partner that suits your needs. You’ll be trading in high-cost capital expenses for more manageable operating expenses. This can save on costs and contribute to profitability on your financials.
  4. Find a Cloud provider. You’re not going to perform the migration to a cloud-based phone system all on your own. Choosing a capable and experienced Cloud partner will take a lot of stress off of your company. A Cloud provider can perform the entire migration for you and support you throughout the process. 

The Cloud Is Calling

At Xact Communications, we’re redefining what a business phone system can do by offering a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses. If you’re ready to upgrade your phone systems and take full advantage of Cloud capabilities, talk to one of our consultants today and learn more about how to make the change.