Voice Over Internet Protocol

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Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, refers to making phone calls over the internet, rather than a regular land line telephone. VoIP lets you make and receive calls from your laptop, tablet, regular smartphone, and even compatible desk phone sets. Some of the many VoIP features that businesses enjoy using are auto attendant, mobile and desktop apps, and call recording. 

Auto attendant projects a professional image with a phone menu that greets incoming calls. An auto attendant is essentially a voice menu that helps callers navigate your services by directing them to press a button that corresponds to a particular service. This allows the caller to be directed to the right department for a shorter wait time. It eliminates the need for someone to answer and manually route calls.  Your auto attendant works 24 hours a day while it is never sick and it never has a bad day. 

Xact Communications offers an app for your computer and mobile device that lets you make phone calls, join conference calls, and exchange text messages from anywhere you have an internet connection.  This is an advantageous and inexpensive way to enhance a company’s communication. With this type of communication system, it is effortless to send VoIP calls from a desk phone to a smartphone. As soon as an employee leaves the office, they will remain as connected as they were at the desk.

Call recording can be very useful for the whole company. Recording calls through your phone system can reveal areas for your team to improve. Managers can review these calls to ensure customer support representatives are taking part in productive conversations. The advantage of VoIP call recording is that it is undetectable to all parties. Managers can pinpoint any aspects of the process that should be improved. Since calls are recorded and automatically saved in the cloud, you can always refer back to recorded calls for future usage if needed. 

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